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Ownership is owned and operated by Michael Hogan as a not for profit hobby.
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Those who are satisfied reading only the brief descriptions of articles on the Home Page of will never need to supply information of any kind. However, if you wish to read complete articles, make comments or submit articles, you will need to register and subscribe. The registration form requires a username (this need not be your real name), password and e-mail address. Therefore, the database will not contain your real name unless you choose to supply it.

If you subscribe, you will need to supply credit card or PayPal information containing your name and address, unless you use the credit card of a relative, friend acquaintance. While the database does contain a record of theses transactions, your personal information is kept completely confidential. Noone has access to this data.

The IP address of the computer you use is recorded whenever you leave a comment in the "Talk Back" section. This is for statistical purposes only. Again, this information is confidential and available to no one.
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