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The Holocaust Survivor

This is one in a series of sauna stories. read more

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May 8, 2007

American Education Fails to Teach History - No Understanding of Colonialism & Imperialism - 3rd Edition with Summary Now Available

America is a dishonest colonist in a post colonial era. read more

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May 8, 2007

Socialism As A Weltanschauung - 6rd Edition with Conclusion

What does your world view do for you? read more

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Apr 29, 2007

Was Cho A Manchurian Candidate?

Was Cho an MK Utra assassin? read more

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Apr 19, 2007

Arguments for and Against Thomas Friedman's Flat World Thesis - Second Edition

What are your thoughts on the book millions are reading worldwide? read more

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Apr 19, 2007

Anti War TV Channel Available Only On Echostar's DishTV

Free Speech TV - Channel 9415 on DishTV read more

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Apr 16, 2007

Schools - Stress, Drugs & Video Games

State run schools teach children to submit to the State. Inherent in the schools is a patriotic, jingoistic , nationalism that teaches submission to the State hierarchy. Such "Obedience to Authority" (see Stanley Milgram) allows low life lying leaders to commit mass murder in our name. Those who don't obey are punished and given drugs.  read more

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Apr 7, 2007

Divide America - Let Secular Humanists & the Left Have Our Own Country - A few States Will Do

Give Peace a Chance.. read more

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Apr 5, 2007

Is Mass Media the Enemy?

What's Your Opinion? read more

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Apr 4, 2007

Is George Bush a War Criminal? What Did Justice Jackson Say at Nuremberg?

How many countries has America illegally invaded recently? read more

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Apr 3, 2007

Fascists Complain About Lefty Teachers

Contributed By WWC & Akumal read more

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Apr 2, 2007

Schools Are A Hitler Youth Program - Socialization Is Fascism - Revised Edition

Home schooling is the alternative to soul destroying schools. read more

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Apr 1, 2007

New Video - Napoleon & Bush - Double Click On the Image to Enlarge

What do Iraq in 2006 Have In Common with Calabria in 1806? read more

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Mar 31, 2007

Napoleon In Spain - A Comment On the Video

Things go from bad to worse. read more

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Mar 31, 2007

The Possibilities of Community Websites

A letter to the NY Times. read more

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Mar 26, 2007

Support the 3196 Troopers Who Deserted the US Army in 2006

The true heros are the 3196 troopers who deserted the US Army and stopped committing mass murder for the profit of large American corporations. read more

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Mar 23, 2007

Secular Humanists & Leftists Urged to Boycott Hitler Youth Program

Xenophobic fascism is passed on in schools by the children of far right families. read more

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Mar 18, 2007

How Would Milton Friedman Eliminate Poverty?

The most conservative economist uses Socialism to solve the problem of poverty. read more

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Mar 17, 2007

Identification & Internalization

How does it happen? read more

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Mar 17, 2007

Research & Analysis - New Addendum

How is it done? read more

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Mar 17, 2007
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