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New Site Information

The Site Information button at the top of this page, contains updated data concerning: Ownership, Privacy Policy and Copyright Information / Disclaimer. read more

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Nov 28, 2008 Subscribers Will Be Advised Prior to the Expiration of Your Subscriptions

We listened to what subscribers requested. read more

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Feb 21, 2009

Search YouTube for the RadioHogan Channel Containing 146 Videos - Also On & ITunes

146 videos on the RadioHogan channel on YouTube - Also On & ITunes. You can also find a small number of RadioHogan videos here on by clicking on the Video Clips button. You need not subscribe to view videos on New videos are being added regularly. read more

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Jul 13, 2008

More Very Recent Local Stories On Page 2 & 3 of - Use the Search Facility To Retrieve Articles of Interest

Please use the Town Websites button to limit you selection of stories to your town. Your town stories also begin on page 2. read more

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May 7, 2008

The Hogan's at LBI In September

The Hogan's at LBI In September
Still in love after 30 years of marriage. There is a second photo of Grace and our dog Chance with the Atlantic ocean. Each photo can be seen in three sizes. Just select a different photo and click on the photo. read more

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Nov 1, 2008

E-mail with questions, comments or suggestions.

Do you have questions, comments or suggestions? read more

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Dec 23, 2007

Step 1 - How to Register On

In the upper left corner of the Home Page you will see the word register in bright red.  Click on register and proceed to fill out our registration form creating a username, a password and supplying your e-mail address.   Submit your registration form to receive a confirmation e-mail that you must acknowledge to activate your username and password.  To do this, simply click on the link within the confirmation e-mail.      read more

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Aug 28, 2008

Step 2 - How to Log In to

After entering your registration information, return to and login.  Our username and password fields are located in the left margin menu about half way down the page.  read more

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Aug 29, 2008

Step 3 - How to Subscribe to

After you Register and Log On, please click on the Read More button at the end of any article description on the Home Page. Choose either a one month ($3) or one year ($24) subscription. Then pay by PayPal, Mastercard or Visa. When your subscription is about to expire, you will receive an e-mail advising you your subscription is about to end. read more

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Aug 29, 2008

Step 3a - Pay for a Subscription By Money Order

Those who wish to have complete security from cyber snooping, please pay for your subscription by money order. In addition to the money order, please send me the username and password you intend to use. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail. Check your email inbox to validate your account. Please be aware that some e-mail accounts contain spam filters which may direct the validation e-mail into your junk or spam folder. read more

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Jun 20, 2010

Advertise On - $50/mo. or $500/yr.

The cost of designing your advertisement will be an additional one time cost. E-mail for more information. read more

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Apr 26, 2010

Need Computer Help? Call 201 666-6118 or E-mail for the best Systems Engineer In North Jersey.

Computer Installation, Security, File Maintenance, WiFi Networks, Software Integration, etc. E-mail read more

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Aug 12, 2007

River Vale- Public Notice: "necessary to increase its CY 2014 budget by up to 3.5% over the previous year's final appropriations, in the interest of promoting the health, safety and welfare of the citizens"

Township of River Vale County of Bergen State of New Jersey ORDINANCE #287-2014 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following ordinance had a public hearing and was finally adopted by the Township Council of River Vale, New Jersey at a Council Meeting held on the 24th of March 2014 at the Town Hall located at 406 Rivervale Road, River Vale, New Jersey 07675. Karen Padva Township Clerk AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF RIVER VALE, IN THE COUNTY OF BERGEN, NEW JERSEY, TO EXCEED THE MUNICIPAL  read more

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Mar 28, 2014

Woodcliff Lake - O'Brien v. Woodcliff Lake & Joanne Howley Trial Date 12/15/10; case to be presided by Superior Court Justice Joseph S. Conte

Superior Court Justice, the Hon. Joseph S. Conte scheduled the matter of O'Brien v. Woodcliff Lake and Joanne Howley for trial on 12/15/10.  What makes this a matter of interest to residents and concerned citizens throughout the state of NJ?   At the heart of the matter, is the Open Public Records Act (OPRA)and the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA), laws which assure the People some degree of transparency.  Without those laws, there is only a pretense of a democracy.  Laws read more

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Nov 7, 2010

How Does Tony Ridgewood Light Its Sports Venues?

If you drive past the swimming area in Ridgewood, you will see a large open field used for play. The field is lit by a system of "portable generators" and associated elevated lights. Such systems cost under  $100,000. read more

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Aug 3, 2010

Town Pools

Ideally, a town pool should offer the same relaxation as a luxury cruise liner or a beach on a distant isle. Most do. On a super sunny day with endless blue sky, a swim before lying on a beach chair is all that is needed. Some become so relaxed they fall asleep. Where else can a mom or dad take a nap while four fit life guards watch the scene with very careful eyes. While life guards sit up high to observe the scene in its entirety, there are others taking breaks to regularly relieve those on du read more

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Jul 25, 2010

Information About the Free Lunch and Breakfasts at Public Schools

Is your school listed? read more

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Jul 9, 2010

Key Intersection Update

Washington Ave & Pascack Road read more

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Jul 6, 2010

Assemblyman Bob Schroeder Accused of "Building Hysteria"

Assemblyman John Wisniewski referred to Schroeder when he said those who seek repeal of the decal provision of Kyleigh's Law are: "ineffective," "panic stricken" and "building hysteria." After 12 years of observing Assemblyman Schroeder, he has a tendency to invent issues (flack) and get very righteous and arrogant as he does so. read more

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Jun 27, 2010

Copper Sulfate Applied to All Local Reservoirs

Applications are made on the Lake Tappan and Woodcliff Lake Reservoirs through the use of a boat and made on the Oradell Reservoir through the use of a boat or a stationary piping system. read more

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Jun 25, 2010
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